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edited in red pen Welcome to Wordwyze, your one-stop resource for proofreading, copy editing and publishing, based in New Zealand.

If you are a writer with a manuscript and not sure where to start, read on. Wordwyze has been helping authors get from manuscript to printed books since 2018.

Why you need a Proofreader and/or Copy Editor

Why would you need a proofreader?
Surely, word processors come with inbuilt spellcheckers?
Yes. But how does a word processor know whether you meant to use "heir" or "air", "hear" or "here"?

And then there's the issue of checking that the audience you're writing for, will understand what you're trying to say.
Or checking that the image you are using, fits with the content you've written.

At Wordwyze, we take care to help you produce quality work, so that your audience/readers will enjoy and respect your work.

Graduated as Proofreader from the College of Media and Publishing Graduated as Copy Editor from the College of Media and Publishing Explore the rest of the website to learn more about the whole process right through to publishing, or look at the ever-growing list of authors and published books.